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Introduction to Drawing and Painting:  | Age 8-14 |  min 4/ max 8  |   (Now Enrolling!) 

Designed to give young artists the skill, encouragement and environment they need to explore and develop their creativity with an emphasis on fine art skills. Students will get exposed to a wide variety of mediums such as color pencil, watercolor pencil, watercolor and pastel along with various drawing mediums.

This course is designed as an introduction to Visual Arts and focuses on observational drawing, color theory and the elements and principles of design. They will learn about different artists, culture and artistic tradition throughout the course.Students will also develop a critical vocabulary and will be guided to provide constructive critique of their peers’ projects as well as will develop a vocabulary to discuss about their own works. This class will provide young artists the skill, encouragement and a positive environment to explore and develop their natural creativity.

The overarching themes of this course :
Observational drawing to train their vision
Art history to explore possibilities
Discussion and critique sessions to talk about their own work as well as others’ work.

Materials they will be using over the course: Different drawing mediums (pencil, charcoal, graphite, ink), watercolor and acrylic.

To register call 603-306-6794 or drop a line at



SUMMER STUDIO FOR YOUNG ARTISTS! Yes!!! They are happening again in 2020! Classes will be offered ONLINE. Stay tuned for the schedule. 




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